Our history

Caring for the Como community for close to a century

Below is a timeline of the rich history the Como Baptist Church has within the Como community.

Supporting Como during World War 2

During the Second World War from 1939-1945, Western Australia had the highest rate of enlistment in the Armed Forces of any state in the country. 83,000 West Australian men and 5,000 women enlisted for service, most of whom were sent abroad to join the troops in Europe, Africa and Asia. In the Perth metropolitan area, life continued initially with an appearance of normality, but deep apprehension clouded the population, and this turned to tragedy when daily lists of war casualties began appearing. In these traumatic years, many local families lost loved ones, killed or wounded on the battlefields, or taken prisoner.

Blessing children and young people through the decades

One of the ways in which Como Baptist Church has sought to benefit the local community over the past ten decades has been through supporting children, young people and their families. There is much evidence of this focus today, such as the flourishing Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre which is an initiative of the church. The Centre provides a warm and loving place where local parents are supported, and children are cared for, educated and developed to prepare them for their future schooling There is much evidence of this focus today, such as the flourishing Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre which is an initiative of the church.

Helping Como during the Great Depression

Few in the Como area were unaffected by the severe economic depression that occurred globally during the 1930s. Australia was one of the hardest-hit developed countries because of the fall in world markets on which its agricultural and industrial exports relied. There was high unemployment (up to 32% in 1932), and previously proud, independent men, traditionally the family breadwinner, now found themselves out of work and having to rely on ‘susso’, a state-based sustenance payment that enabled families to buy only the bare minimum of food.

The church begins nearly one hundred years ago

Como Baptist Church has been an integral part of the Como community for close to a hundred years. It began one winter morning in 1927 when a small group of children gathered on the verandah of the Como home of Harold and Win Harris, near the corner of Manning Road and Robert Street in the new housing development of South Como. Harold and Win had only been married for one week when in 1925 they walked over Canning Bridge towards Applecross looking for a church to attend.

A Meeting Place: Canning River Djarlgarro

Como Baptist Church is located in the area known in the Noongar language as Djarlgarro, or the Canning River. The banks of the river from Canning Bridge to Mount Henry is a place of beauty, recreation and beedawong (meeting place). Historically, the area has been a source of community and meaning for many peoples. For the Beeliar-Noongar people, this was a place of abundant provision with plenty of food, water and natural resources that sustained their lives and families.

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